How to connect Firebase to Google Data Studio

Connecting GDS to data sources using one of the various connectors out there, whether its a paid service or a native connector provided free of charge by Google, is typically a straightforward process. However there is one glaring omission and that is Firebase. As of Q2 2020 there are no native or paid Firebase connectors to easily connect your app data to your Google data studio report. 

There are rumors that Google will release a native Firebase connector in late 2020 however until that happens we have put together a detailed “How to” make that connection. 

It’s got more steps then you might anticipate however if you follow each step exactly as laid out you will get through it quickly. 

How to connect Firebase to Google Data Studio
  1. Create a Firebase Project
  2. From the Firebase Console Project Overview screen, use + Add app to add one Android app and one iOS app
  3. When creating the mobile apps for the Firebase Project, an app identifier is required.

Those will be supplied by app developer.

Android & iOS Example

Android package name:

iOS Bundle Id: com.domain.Application-Name

  1. From the Firebase Console Project Settings screen, choose the Integrations tab, and click on the Google Analytics card
  2. Choose the Google Analytics account and let Firebase automatically create a new Property in the GA account. Click Enable Google Analytics to continue
  3. In the next screen add the  Google Analytics SDK. Two  buttons will be available, one for the Android app and one for the iOS app. For each of those – click the button, download the Google-Services file and then click done
  4. Click Finish. If you now go to the Google Analytics account console, you will see that a new Property has been created for you with an “App + Web” type
  5. Send the two Google-Services files to your app developer – they will be integrated into the applications so app events will be reported directly to your GA Property

 (Ref: Google Help –

  1. Link Firebase project to BigQuery

( Ref )

  1. In Google Data Studio use a connector for BigQuery to receive data from app tables.
  2. In google data studio create filters for each event

I would like to say, Voila!, like we have been through something remarkable. However the complexity of what should be a relatively simple task is not to be celebrated and if all of this is something you would want to get someone else to do, then we are here to help. Simply click on the contact link here and let the celebrations begin! (yes I did debate whether to end the article with some cheese and yes the cheese won)!