How to display Google Ads Discovery Campaign  data in data studio

As you already know, Google Ads Discovery Campaign (formerly Google Feed) is a “new” campaign type that is designed to help you reach customers across the “feeds” available on Google properties. (If you are not familiar, there is a link below to a YouTube explainer). According to Google, over 800 million people use these Discovery feeds monthly, and more than half (51%) of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. So it’s a great way to promote your clients brands, allowing you to:

  • Drive conversions with your media at scale 
  • Reach new customers with your media
  • Reconnect with your most valuable customers

Reporting limitations

However, if you want to see your Discovery campaign data alongside your “usual” Google ads campaign data in data studio, then there is a problem. 

Currently, the Discovery campaigns data is not included in the search console API which means it cannot be added to your Google Data Studio reports. Google does offer a report in Google Search Console but it’s limited, not easily shareable, and does not benefit from the GDS performance features.

A quick and easy solution

So, the following solution will take you 5 minutes. Go now! 

Step 1

Export your discovery campaign Data to google sheets like so:

Step 2

Once that is done then login into Data Studio and complete the following steps

  • In the top left, click on Create  and select Data Source.
  • Select the Google Sheets connector.
  • Select a Spreadsheet and Worksheet. …
  • Configure any of the data source options
  • In the upper right, click connect.

Step 3

Once your data source is created, choose a blank studio report (or one you have already created) and you will be prompted to:

  1. Add Data to report
  2. Choose Google Sheet and your Google Sheets data source will appear. Once you choose that, your data, in a table format, will automatically appear in a blank data studio. This is when the magic happens. You can now take advantage of all the charting, calculation, sharing  and display options available in the data studio, including adding it to the standard data studio Ads report. 
  3. Cut to 5 minutes later and your life is now more complete than you ever anticipated. Bravo!


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